The New dinv is Not So New

  • Michele D'Adderio
  • Alessandro Iraci


In [Duane, Garsia, Zabrocki 2013] the authors introduced a new dinv statistic, denoted ndinv, on the two part case of the shuffle conjecture (Haglund et al. 2005) in order to prove a compositional refinement. Though in [Hicks, Kim 2013] a non-recursive (but algorithmic) definition of ndinv has been given, this statistic still looks a bit unnatural. In this paper we "unveil the mystery" around the ndinv, by showing bijectively that the ndinv actually matches the usual dinv statistic in a special case of the generalized Delta conjecture in [Haglund, Remmel, Wilson 2018]. Moreover, we give also a non-compositional proof of the "ehh" case of the shuffle conjecture (after [Garsia, Xin, Zabrocki 2014]) by bijectively proving a relation with the two part case of the Delta conjecture.

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