An Explicit Edge-Coloring of $K_n$ with Six Colors on Every $K_5$

  • Alex Cameron


Let $p$ and $q$ be positive integers such that $1 \leq q \leq {p \choose 2}$. A $(p,q)$-coloring of the complete graph on $n$ vertices $K_n$ is an edge coloring for which every $p$-clique contains edges of at least $q$ distinct colors. We denote the minimum number of colors needed for such a $(p,q)$-coloring of $K_n$ by $f(n,p,q)$. This is known as the Erdös-Gyárfás function. In this paper we give an explicit $(5,6)$-coloring with $n^{1/2+o(1)}$ colors. This improves the best known upper bound of $f(n,5,6)=O\left(n^{3/5}\right)$ given by Erdös and Gyárfás, and comes close to matching the order of the best known lower bound, $f(n,5,6) = \Omega\left(n^{1/2}\right)$.

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