An Edmonds-Gallai-Type Decomposition for the j-Restricted k-Matching Problem

  • Yanjun Li
  • Jácint Szabó


Given a non-negative integer $j$ and a positive integer $k$, a $j$-restricted $k$-matching in a simple undirected graph is a $k$-matching, so that each of its connected components has at least $j+1$ edges. The maximum non-negative node weighted $j$-restricted $k$-matching problem was recently studied by Li who gave a polynomial-time algorithm and a min-max theorem for $0 \leqslant j < k$, and also proved the NP-hardness of the problem with unit node weights and $2 \leqslant k \leqslant j$. In this paper we derive an Edmonds–Gallai-type decomposition theorem for the $j$-restricted $k$-matching problem with $0 \leqslant j < k$, using the analogous decomposition for $k$-piece packings given by Janata, Loebl and Szabó, and give an alternative proof to the min-max theorem of Li.

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