Lozenge Tilings of Hexagons with Central Holes and Dents

  • Tri Lai


Ciucu proved a simple product formula for the tiling number of a hexagon in which a chain of equilateral triangles of alternating orientations, called a `fern', has been removed from the center (Adv. Math. 2017). In this paper, we present a multi-parameter generalization of this work by giving an explicit tiling enumeration for a hexagon with three ferns removed, besides the central fern as in Ciucu's region, we remove two new ferns from two sides of the hexagon. Our result also implies a new `dual' of MacMahon's classical formula of boxed plane partitions, corresponding to the exterior of the union of three disjoint concave polygons obtained by turning 120 degrees after drawing each side.  

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