Asymptotics of a Locally Dependent Statistic on Finite Reflection Groups

  • Frank Röttger


This paper discusses the asymptotic behaviour of the number of descents in a random signed permutation and its inverse, which was listed as an interesting direction by Chatterjee and Diaconis (2017). For that purpose, we generalize their result for the asymptotic normality of the number of descents in a random permutation and its inverse to other finite reflection groups. This is achieved by applying their proof scheme to signed permutations, i.e. elements of Coxeter groups of type $ \mathtt{B}_n $, which are also known as the hyperoctahedral groups.  Furthermore, a similar central limit theorem for elements of Coxeter groups of type $\mathtt{D}_n$ is derived via Slutsky's Theorem and a bound on the Wasserstein distance of certain normalized statistics with local dependency structures and bounded local components is proven for both types of Coxeter groups. In addition, we show a two-dimensional central limit theorem via the Cramér-Wold device.

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