Spectrum of Signless 1-Laplacian on Simplicial Complexes

  • Xin Luo
  • Dong Zhang


We introduce the signless 1-Laplacian and the dual Cheeger constant on simplicial complexes.  The connection of its spectrum to the combinatorial properties like independence number,  chromatic number and dual Cheeger constant is investigated. Our estimates  can be comparable to Hoffman's bounds on Laplacian eigenvalues of simplicial complexes. An interesting inequality involving multiplicity of the largest eigenvalue, independence number and chromatic number is provided, which could be regarded as a variant version of Lovász sandwich theorem. Also, the behavior of 1-Laplacian under the topological operations of wedge and duplication of motifs is studied. The Courant nodal domain theorem in spectral theory is extended to the setting of signless 1-Laplacian on complexes.

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