$S$-Hypersimplices, Pulling Triangulations, and Monotone paths

  • Sebastian Manecke
  • Raman Sanyal
  • Jeonghoon So


An $S$-hypersimplex for $S \subseteq \{0,1, \dots,d\}$ is the convex hull of all $0/1$-vectors of length $d$ with coordinate sum in $S$. These polytopes generalize the classical hypersimplices as well as cubes, crosspolytopes, and halfcubes. In this paper we study faces and dissections of $S$-hypersimplices. Moreover, we show that monotone path polytopes of $S$-hypersimplices yield all types of multipermutahedra. In analogy to cubes, we also show that the number of simplices in a pulling triangulation of a halfcube is independent of the pulling order.

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