The $1/k$-Eulerian Polynomials of Type $B$

  • Shi-Mei Ma
  • Jun Ma
  • Jean Yeh
  • Yeong-Nan Yeh


In this paper, we define the $1/k$-Eulerian polynomials of type $B$. Properties of these polynomials, including combinatorial interpretations, recurrence relations and $\gamma$-positivity are studied. In particular, we show that the $1/k$-Eulerian polynomials of type $B$ are $\gamma$-positive when $k>0$. Moreover, we define the $1/k$-derangement polynomials of type $B$, denoted $d_n^B(x;k)$. We show that the polynomials $d_n^B(x;k)$ are bi-$\gamma$-positive when $k\geq 1/2$. In particular, we get a symmetric decomposition of the polynomials $d_n^B(x;1/2)$ in terms of the classical derangement polynomials.

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