Another Approach to Non-Repetitive Colorings of Graphs of Bounded Degree

  • Matthieu Rosenfeld


We propose a new proof technique that applies to the same problems as the  Lovász Local Lemma or the entropy-compression method. We present this approach in the context of non-repetitive colorings and we use it to improve upper-bounds relating different non-repetitive chromatic numbers to the maximal degree of a graph. It seems that there should be other interesting applications of the presented approach.

In terms of upper-bounds our approach seems to be as strong as entropy-compression, but the proofs are more elementary and shorter. The applications we provide in this paper are upper bounds for graphs of maximal degree at most $\Delta$: a minor improvement on the upper-bound of the non-repetitive chromatic number, a $4.25\Delta +o(\Delta)$ upper-bound on the weak total non-repetitive chromatic number, and a $ \Delta^2+\frac{3}{2^{1/3}}\Delta^{5/3}+ o(\Delta^{5/3})$ upper-bound on the total non-repetitive chromatic number of graphs. This last result implies the same upper-bound for the non-repetitive chromatic index of graphs, which improves the best known bound. 

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