Minimal Non-Odd-Transversal Hypergraphs and Minimal Non-Odd-Bipartite Hypergraphs

  • Yi-Zheng Fan
  • Yi Wang
  • Jiang-Chao Wan


Among all uniform hypergraphs with even uniformity, the odd-transversal or odd-bipartite hypergraphs are closer to bipartite simple graphs than bipartite hypergraphs from the viewpoint of both structure and spectrum. A hypergraph is called odd-transversal if it contains a subset of the vertex set such that each edge intersects the subset in an odd number of vertices, and it is called minimal non-odd-transversal if it is not odd-transversal but deleting any edge results in an odd-transversal hypergraph. In this paper we give an equivalent characterization of the minimal non-odd-transversal hypergraphs by means of the degrees and the rank of its incidence matrix over $\mathbb{Z}_2$. If a minimal non-odd-transversal hypergraph is uniform, then it has even uniformity, and hence is minimal non-odd-bipartite. We characterize $2$-regular uniformĀ  minimal non-odd-bipartite hypergraphs, and give some examples of $d$-regular uniform hypergraphs which are minimal non-odd-bipartite. Finally we give upper bounds for the least H-eigenvalue of the adjacency tensor of minimal non-odd-bipartite hypergraphs.

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