An Update on Reconfiguring $10$-Colorings of Planar Graphs

  • Zdeněk Dvořák
  • Carl Feghali


The reconfiguration graph $R_k(G)$ for the $k$-colorings of a graph~$G$ has as vertex set the set of all possible proper $k$-colorings of $G$ and two colorings are adjacent if they differ in the color of exactly one vertex. A result of Bousquet and Perarnau (2016) regarding graphs of bounded degeneracy implies that if $G$ is a planar graph with $n$ vertices, then $R_{12}(G)$ has diameter at most $6n$. We improve on the number of colors, showing that $R_{10}(G)$ has diameter at most $8n$ for every planar graph $G$ with $n$ vertices.

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