Graphs with no Induced $K_{2, t}$

  • Freddie Illingworth


Consider a graph $G$ on $n$ vertices with $\alpha \binom{n}{2}$ edges which does not contain an induced $K_{2, t}$ ($t \geqslant 2$). How large must $\alpha$ be to ensure that $G$ contains, say, a large clique or some fixed subgraph $H$? We give results for two regimes: for $\alpha$ bounded away from zero and for $\alpha = o(1)$.

Our results for $\alpha = o(1)$ are strongly related to the Induced Turán numbers which were recently introduced by Loh, Tait, Timmons and Zhou. For $\alpha$ bounded away from zero, our results can be seen as a generalisation of a result of Gyárfás, Hubenko and Solymosi and more recently Holmsen (whose argument inspired ours).

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