Conditions for a Bigraph to be Super-Cyclic

  • Alexandr Kostochka
  • Mikhail Lavrov
  • Ruth Luo
  • Dara Zirlin


A hypergraph $\mathcal H$ is super-pancyclic if for each $A \subseteq V(\mathcal H)$ with $|A| \geqslant 3$, $\mathcal H$ contains a Berge cycle with base vertex set $A$. We present two natural necessary conditions for a hypergraph to be super-pancyclic, and show that in several classes of hypergraphs these necessary conditions are also sufficient. In particular, they are sufficient for every hypergraph $\mathcal H$ with $ \delta(\mathcal H)\geqslant \max\{|V(\mathcal H)|, \frac{|E(\mathcal H)|+10}{4}\}$.

We also consider super-cyclic bipartite graphs: those are $(X,Y)$-bigraphs $G$ such that for each $A \subseteq X$ with $|A| \geqslant 3$, $G$ has a cycle $C_A$ such that $V(C_A)\cap X=A$. Such graphs are incidence graphs of super-pancyclic hypergraphs, and our proofs use the language of such graphs.

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