An Introduction to Supersymmetric Cluster Algebras

  • Li Li
  • James Mixco
  • B. Ransingh
  • Ashish K. Srivastava


In this paper we propose the notion of cluster superalgebras which is a supersymmetric version of the classical cluster algebras introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky. We show that the symplectic-orthogonal supergroup $SpO(2|1)$ admits a cluster superalgebra structure and as a consequence of this, we deduce that the supercommutative superalgebra generated by all the entries of a superfrieze is a subalgebra of a cluster superalgebra. We also show that the coordinate superalgebra of the super Grassmannian $G(2|0; 4|1)$ of chiral conformal superspace (that is, $(2|0)$ planes inside the superspace $\mathbb C^{4|1}$) is a quotient of a cluster superalgebra.

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