Computation of Al-Salam Carlitz and Askey-Wilson Moments using Motzkin Paths

  • Gaspard Ohlmann


In this paper we study the moments of polynomials from the Askey scheme, and we focus on Askey-Wilson polynomials. More precisely, we give a combinatorial proof for the case where $d=0$. Their values have already been computed by Kim and Stanton in 2015, however, the proof is not completely combinatorial, which means that an explicit bijection has not been exhibited yet. In this work, we use a new combinatorial approach for the simpler case of Al-Salam-Carlitz, using a sign reversing involution that directly operates on Motzkin path. We then generalize this method to Askey-Wilson polynomials with $d=0$ only, providing the first fully combinatorial proof for that case.

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