The Chromatic Number of Two Families of Generalized Kneser Graphs Related to Finite Generalized Quadrangles and Finite Projective 3-Spaces

  • Klaus Metsch


Let $\Gamma$ be the graph whose vertices are the chambers of the finite projective space $\mathrm{PG}(3,q)$ with two vertices being adjacent when the corresponding chambers are in general position. It is known that the independence number of this graph is $(q^2+q+1)(q+1)^2$. For $q\geqslant 43$ we determine the largest independent set of $\Gamma$ and show that every maximal independent set that is not a largest one has at most constant times $q^3$ elements. For $q\geqslant 47$, this information is then used to show that $\Gamma$ has chromatic number $q^2+q$. Furthermore, for many families of generalized quadrangles we prove similar results for the graph that is built in the same way on the chambers of the generalized quadrangle.

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