Packing of Mixed Hyperarborescences with Flexible Roots via Matroid Intersection

  • Florian Hörsch
  • Zoltán Szigeti


Given a mixed hypergraph $\mathcal{F}=(V,\mathcal{A}\cup \mathcal{E})$, a non-negative integer $k$ and functions $f,g:V\rightarrow \mathbb{Z}_{\geq 0}$, a packing of $k$ spanning mixed hyperarborescences of $\mathcal{F}$ is called $(k,f,g)$-flexible if every $v \in V$ is the root of at least $f(v)$ and at most $g(v)$ of the mixed hyperarborescences. We give a characterization of the mixed hypergraphs admitting such packings. This generalizes results of Frank and, more recently, Gao and Yang. Our approach is based on matroid intersection, generalizing a construction of Edmonds. We also obtain an algorithm for finding a minimum weight solution to the problem mentioned above.

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