Turán Density of $2$-Edge-Colored Bipartite Graphs with Application on $\{2, 3\}$-Hypergraphs

  • Shuliang Bai
  • Linyuan Lu


We consider the Turán problems of $2$-edge-colored graphs. A $2$-edge-colored graph $H=(V, E_r, E_b)$ is a triple consisting of the vertex set $V$, the set of red edges $E_r$ and the set of blue edges $E_b$ where $E_r$ and $E_b$ do not have to be disjoint. The Turán density $\pi(H)$ of $H$ is defined to be $\lim_{n\to\infty} \max_{G_n}h_n(G_n)$, where $G_n$ is chosen among all possible $2$-edge-colored graphs on $n$ vertices containing no $H$ as a sub-graph and $h_n(G_n)=(|E_r(G)|+|E_b(G)|)/\binom{n}{2}$ is the formula to measure the edge density of $G_n$. We will determine the Turán densities of all $2$-edge-colored bipartite graphs. We also give an important application on the Turán problems of $\{2, 3\}$-hypergraphs.

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