Spectral Extremal Results for Hypergraphs

  • Yuan Hou
  • An Chang
  • Joshua Cooper


Let $F$ be a graph. A hypergraph is called Berge $F$ if it can be obtained by replacing each edge in $F$ by a hyperedge containing it. Given a family of graphs $\mathcal{F}$, we say that a hypergraph $H$ is Berge $\mathcal{F}$-free if for every $F \in \mathcal{F}$, the hypergraph $H$ does not contain a Berge $F$ as a subhypergraph. In this paper we investigate the connections between spectral radius of the adjacency tensor and structural properties of a linear hypergraph. In particular, we obtain a spectral version of Turán-type problems over linear $k$-uniform hypergraphs by using spectral methods, including a tight result on Berge $C_4$-free linear $3$-uniform hypergraphs.

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