Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets in $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$

  • Jozefien D'haeseleer
  • Ferdinand Ihringer
  • Jonathan Mannaert
  • Leo Storme


We study Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets in the affine geometry, so sets of $k$-spaces in $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$. This generalizes research on Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets in the projective geometry $\mathrm{PG}(n,q)$. Note that in algebraic combinatorics, Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets of $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$ correspond to certain equitable bipartitions of the association scheme of $k$-spaces in $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$, while in the analysis of Boolean functions, they correspond to Boolean degree $1$ functions of $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$.

We define Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets in $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$ by intersection properties with $k$-spreads and show the equivalence of several definitions. In particular, we investigate the relationship between Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets in $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$ and $\mathrm{PG}(n,q)$. As a by-product, we calculate the character table of the association scheme of affine lines. Furthermore, we characterize the smallest examples of Cameron-Liebler $k$-sets.

This paper focuses on $\mathrm{AG}(n,q)$ for $n > 3$, while the case for Cameron-Liebler line classes in $\mathrm{AG}(3,q)$ was already treated separately.

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