Saturation Number of $tK_{l,l,l}$ in the Complete Tripartite Graph

  • Zhen He
  • Mei Lu


For  fixed graphs $F$ and $H$, a graph $G\subseteq F$ is $H$-saturated if there is no copy of $H$ in $G$, but for any edge $e\in E(F)\setminus E(G)$, there is a copy of $H$ in $G+e$. The saturation number of $H$ in $F$, denoted $sat(F,H)$, is the minimum number of edges in an $H$-saturated subgraph of $F$.  In this paper, we study saturation numbers of $tK_{l,l,l}$ in complete tripartite graph $K_{n_1,n_2,n_3}$. For $t\ge 1$, $l\ge 1$ and $n_1,n_2$ and $n_3$ sufficiently large, we determine  $sat(K_{n_1,n_2,n_3},tK_{l,l,l})$ exactly.

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