Hadamard Diagonalizable Graphs of Order at Most 36

  • Jane Breen
  • Steve Butler
  • Melissa Fuentes
  • Bernard Lidický
  • Michael Phillips
  • Alexander W. N. Riasanovsky
  • Sung-Yell Song
  • Ralihe R. Villagrán
  • Cedar Wiseman
  • Xiaohong Zhang


If the Laplacian matrix of a graph has a full set of orthogonal eigenvectors with entries $\pm1$, then the matrix formed by taking the columns as the eigenvectors is a Hadamard matrix and the graph is said to be Hadamard diagonalizable.

In this article, we prove that if $n=8k+4$ the only possible Hadamard diagonalizable graphs are $K_n$, $K_{n/2,n/2}$, $2K_{n/2}$, and $nK_1$, and we develop a computational method for determining all graphs diagonalized by a given Hadamard matrix of any order. Using these two tools, we determine and present all Hadamard diagonalizable graphs up to order 36. Note that it is not even known how many Hadamard matrices there are of order 36.

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