Rowmotion Orbits of Trapezoid Posets

  • Quang Vu Dao
  • Julian Wellman
  • Calvin Yost-Wolff
  • Sylvester W. Zhang


Rowmotion is an invertible operator on the order ideals of a poset which has been extensively studied and is well understood for the rectangle poset. In this paper, we show that rowmotion is equivariant with respect to a bijection of Hamaker, Patrias, Pechenik and Williams between order ideals of rectangle and trapezoid posets, thereby affirming a conjecture of Hopkins that the rectangle and trapezoid posets have the same rowmotion orbit structures. Our main tools in proving this are $K$-jeu-de-taquin and (weak) $K$-Knuth equivalence of increasing tableaux. We define almost minimal tableaux as a family of tableaux naturally arising from order ideals and show for any $\lambda$, the almost minimal tableaux of shape $\lambda$ are in different (weak) $K$-Knuth equivalence classes. We also discuss and make some progress on related conjectures of Hopkins on down-degree homomesy.

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