Moduli Spaces of Codimension-One Subspaces in a Linear Variety and their Tropicalization

  • Philipp Jell
  • Hannah Markwig
  • Felipe Rincón
  • Benjamin Schröter


We study the moduli space of $d$-dimensional linear subspaces contained in a fixed $(d+1)$-dimensional linear variety $X$, and its tropicalization. We prove that these moduli spaces are linear subspaces themselves, and thus their tropicalization is completely determined by their associated (valuated) matroids. We show that these matroids can be interpreted as the matroid of lines of the hyperplane arrangement corresponding to $X$, and generically are equal to a Dilworth truncation of the free matroid. In this way, we can describe combinatorially tropicalized Fano schemes and tropicalizations of moduli spaces of stable maps of degree $1$ to a plane.

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