Disproof of a Conjecture by Woodall on the Choosability of $K_{s,t}$-Minor-Free Graphs

  • Raphael Steiner


In 2001, in a survey article about list coloring, Woodall conjectured that for every pair of integers $s,t \ge 1$, all graphs without a $K_{s,t}$-minor are $(s+t-1)$-choosable. In this note we refute this conjecture in a strong form: We prove that for every choice of constants $\varepsilon>0$ and $C \ge 1$ there exists $N=N(\varepsilon,C) \in \mathbb{N}$ such that for all integers $s,t $ with $N \le s \le t \le Cs$ there exists a graph without a $K_{s,t}$-minor and list chromatic number greater than $(1-\varepsilon)(2s+t)$.
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