The Root Distributions of Ehrhart Polynomials of Free Sums of Reflexive Polytopes

  • Masahiro Hachimori
  • Akihiro Higashitani
  • Yumi Yamada


In this paper, we study the root distributions of Ehrhart polynomials of free sums of certain reflexive polytopes. We investigate cases where the roots of the Ehrhart polynomials of the free sums of $A_d^\vee$'s or $A_d$'s lie on the canonical line $\mathrm{Re}(z)=-\frac{1}{2}$ on the complex plane $\mathbb{C}$, where $A_d$ denotes the root polytope of type A of dimension $d$ and $A_d^\vee$ denotes its polar dual. For example, it is proved that $A_m^\vee \oplus A_n^\vee$ with $\min\{m,n\} \leq 1$ or $m+n \leq 7$, $A_2^\vee \oplus (A_1^\vee)^{\oplus n}$ and $A_3^\vee \oplus (A_1^\vee)^{\oplus n}$ for any $n$ satisfy this property. We also perform computational experiments for other types of free sums of $A_n^\vee$'s or $A_n$'s.

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