Generalizing Cographs to 2-Cographs

  • James Oxley
  • Jagdeep Singh


A graph in which every connected induced subgraph has a disconnected complement is called a cograph. Such graphs are precisely the graphs that do not have the 4-vertex path as an induced subgraph. We define a $2$-cograph to be a graph in which the complement of every $2$-connected induced subgraph is not $2$-connected. We show that, like cographs, $2$-cographs can be recursively defined and are closed under induced minors. We characterize the class of non-$2$-cographs for which every proper induced minor is a $2$-cograph. We further find the finitely many members of this class whose complements are also induced-minor-minimal non-$2$-cographs.

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