Enumeration of Generalized Dyck Paths Based on the Height of Down-Steps Modulo $k$

  • Clemens Heuberger
  • Sarah J. Selkirk
  • Stephan Wagner


For fixed non-negative integers $k$, $t$, and $n$, with $t < k$, a $k_t$-Dyck path of length $(k+1)n$ is a lattice path that starts at $(0, 0)$, ends at $((k+1)n, 0)$, stays weakly above the line $y = -t$, and consists of steps from the step-set $\{(1, 1), (1, -k)\}$. We enumerate the family of $k_t$-Dyck paths by considering the number of down-steps at a height of $i$ modulo $k$. Given a tuple $(a_1, a_2, \ldots, a_k)$ we find an exact enumeration formula for the number of $k_t$-Dyck paths of length $(k+1)n$ with $a_i$ down-steps at a height of $i$ modulo $k$, $1 \leq i \leq k$. The proofs given are done via bijective means or with generating functions.

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