A Tableau Formula for Vexillary Schubert Polynomials in Type C

  • Tomoo Matsumura


Ikeda-Mihalcea-Naruse's double Schubert polynomials [Adv. Math. 226 (2011)] represent the equivariant cohomology classes of Schubert varieties in the type C flag varieties. The goal of this paper is to obtain a new tableau formula of these polynomials associated to vexillary signed permutations introduced by Anderson-Fulton. To achieve that goal, we introduce flagged factorial (Schur) $Q$-functions, combinatorially defined functions in terms of marked shifted tableaux for flagged strict partitions, and prove their Schur-Pfaffian formula. As an application, we also obtain a new combinatorial formula of factorial $Q$-functions of Ivanov in which monomials bijectively corresponds to flagged marked shifted tableaux.

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