On Enumeration and Entropy of Ribbon Tilings

  • Yinsong Chen
  • Vladislav Kargin


The paper considers ribbon tilings of large regions and their per-tile entropy (the logarithm of the number of tilings divided by the number of tiles). For tilings of general regions by tiles of length $n$, we give an upper bound on the per-tile entropy as $n - 1$. For growing rectangular regions,  we prove the existence of the asymptotic per tile entropy and show that it is bounded from below by $\log_2 (n/e)$ and from above by $\log_2(en)$. For growing generalized "Aztec Diamond" regions and for growing "stair" regions, the asymptotic per-tile entropy is calculated exactly as $1/2$ and $\log_2(n + 1) - 1$, respectively.

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