Mixed Dimer Configuration Model in Type D Cluster Algebras

  • Gregg Musiker
  • Kayla Wright


We define a combinatorial model for $F$-polynomials and $g$-vectors for type $D_n$ cluster algebras where the associated quiver is acyclic. Our model utilizes a combination of dimer configurations and double dimer configurations which we refer to as mixed dimer configurations. In particular, we give a graph theoretic recipe that describes which monomials appear in such $F$-polynomials, as well as a graph theoretic way to determine the coefficients of each of these monomials. In addition, we prove that a weighting on our mixed dimer configuration model yields the associated $g$-vector. To prove this formula, we use a combinatorial formula due to Thao Tran (arXiv:0911.4462, 2009) and provide explicit bijections between her combinatorial model and our own.

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