Generalized Alder-Type Partition Inequalities

  • Liam Armstrong
  • Bryan Ducasse
  • Thomas Meyer
  • Holly Swisher


In 2020, Kang and Park conjectured a "level $2$" Alder-type partition inequality which encompasses the second Rogers-Ramanujan Identity. Duncan, Khunger, the fourth author, and Tamura proved Kang and Park's conjecture for all but finitely many cases utilizing a "shift" inequality and conjectured a further, weaker generalization that would extend both Alder's (now proven) as well as Kang and Park's conjecture to general level. Utilizing a modified shift inequality, Inagaki and Tamura have recently proven that the Kang and Park conjecture holds for level $3$ in all but finitely many cases. They further conjectured a stronger shift inequality which would imply a general level result for all but finitely many cases. Here, we prove their conjecture for large enough $n$, generalize the result for an arbitrary shift, and discuss the implications for Alder-type partition inequalities.

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