The $h$-Polynomial and the Rook Polynomial of some Polyominoes

  • Manoj Kummini
  • Dharm Veer


Let $X$ be a convex polyomino such that its vertex set is a sublattice of $\mathbb{N}^2$. Let $\Bbbk[X]$ be the toric ring (over a field $\Bbbk$) associated to $X$ in the sense of Qureshi, J. Algebra, 2012. Write the Hilbert series of $\Bbbk[X]$ as $(1 + h_1 t + h_2 t^2 + \cdots )/(1-t)^{\dim(\Bbbk[X])}$. For $k \in \mathbb{N}$, let $r_k$ be the number of configurations in $X$ with $k$ pairwise non-attacking rooks. We show that $h_2 < r_2$ if $X$ is not a thin polyomino. This partially confirms a conjectured characterization of thin polyominoes by Rinaldo and Romeo, J. Algebraic Combin., 2021.

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