A Bijection Between K-Kohnert Diagrams and Reverse Set-Valued Tableaux

  • Jianping Pan
  • Tianyi Yu


Lascoux polynomials are K-theoretic analogues of the key polynomials. They both have combinatorial formulas involving tableaux: reverse set-valued tableaux (RSVT) rule for Lascoux polynomials and reverse semistandard Young tableaux (RSSYT) rule for key polynomials. Furthermore, key polynomials have a simple algorithmic model in terms of Kohnert diagrams, which are in bijection with RSSYT. Ross and Yong introduced K-Kohnert diagrams, which are analogues of Kohnert diagrams. They conjectured a K-Kohnert diagram rule for Lascoux polynomials. We establish this conjecture by constructing a weight-preserving bijection between RSVT and K-Kohnert diagrams.

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