Hadamard Matrices of Orders 60 and 64 with Automorphisms of Orders 29 and 31

  • Araya Makoto
  • Masaaki Harada
  • Tonchev Vladimir


A classification of Hadamard matrices of order $2p+2$ with an automorphism of order $p$ is given for $p=29$ and $31$.  The ternary self-dual codes spanned by the newly found Hadamard matrices of order 60 with an automorphism of order 29 are computed, as well as the binary doubly even self-dual codes of length 120 with generator matrices defined by related Hadamard designs.  Several new ternary near-extremal self-dual codes, as well as binary near-extremal doubly even self-dual codes with previously unknown weight enumerators are found.

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