Parabolic Tamari Lattices in Linear Type B

  • Wenjie Fang
  • Henri Mühle
  • Jean-Christophe Novelli


We study parabolic aligned elements associated with the type-$B$ Coxeter group and the so-called linear Coxeter element. These elements were introduced algebraically in (Mühle and Williams, 2019) for parabolic quotients of finite Coxeter groups and were characterized by a certain forcing condition on inversions. We focus on the type-$B$ case and give a combinatorial model for these elements in terms of pattern avoidance. Moreover, we describe an equivalence relation on parabolic quotients of the type-$B$ Coxeter group whose equivalence classes are indexed by the aligned elements. We prove that this equivalence relation extends to a congruence relation for the weak order. The resulting quotient lattice is the type-$B$ analogue of the parabolic Tamari lattice introduced for type $A$ in (Mühle and Williams, 2019).

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