On the Anti-Ramsey Threshold for Non-Balanced Graphs

  • Pedro Araújo
  • Taísa Martins
  • Letícia Mattos
  • Walner Mendonça
  • Luiz Moreira
  • Guilherme O. Mota


For graphs $G,H$, we write $G \overset{\mathrm{rb}}{\longrightarrow} H $ if for every proper edge-coloring of $G$ there is a rainbow copy of $H$, i.e., a copy where no color appears more than once. Kohayakawa, Konstadinidis and the last author proved that the threshold for $G(n,p) \overset{\mathrm{rb}}{\longrightarrow} H$ is at most $n^{-1/m_2(H)}$. Previous results have matched the lower bound for this anti-Ramsey threshold for cycles and complete graphs with at least 5 vertices. Kohayakawa, Konstadinidis and the last author also presented an infinite family of graphs $H$ for which the anti-Ramsey threshold is asymptotically smaller than $n^{-1/m_2(H)}$. In this paper, we devise a framework that provides a richer family of such graphs.

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