Stability of Kronecker Products of Irreducible Characters of the Symmetric Group

  • Ernesto Vallejo


F. Murnaghan observed a long time ago that the computation of the decompositon of the Kronecker product $\chi^{(n-a, \lambda_2, \dots )}\otimes \chi^{(n-b, \mu_2, \dots)}$ of two irreducible characters of the symmetric group into irreducibles depends only on $\overline\lambda=(\lambda_2,\dots )$ and $\overline\mu =(\mu_2,\dots )$, but not on $n$. In this note we prove a similar result: given three partitions $\lambda$, $\mu$, $\nu$ of $n$ we obtain a lower bound on $n$, depending on $\overline\lambda$, $\overline\mu$, $\overline\nu$, for the stability of the multiplicity $c(\lambda,\mu,\nu)$ of $\chi^\nu$ in $\chi^\lambda \otimes \chi^\mu$. Our proof is purely combinatorial. It uses a description of the $c(\lambda,\mu,\nu)$'s in terms of signed special rim hook tabloids and Littlewood-Richardson multitableaux.

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