On the ${\cal S}_{n}$-Modules Generated by Partitions of a Given Shape

Daniel Kane, Steven Sivek


Given a Young diagram $\lambda$ and the set $H^{\lambda}$ of partitions of $\{1,2,\dots$, $|\lambda|\}$ of shape $\lambda$, we analyze a particular ${\cal S}_{|\lambda|}$-module homomorphism ${\Bbb Q}H^{\lambda}\to{\Bbb Q}H^{\lambda'}$ to show that ${\Bbb Q}H^{\lambda}$ is a submodule of ${\Bbb Q}H^{\lambda'}$ whenever $\lambda$ is a hook $(n,1,1,\dots,1)$ with $m$ rows, $n\geq m$, or any diagram with two rows.

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