Volume 11, Issue 2 (2004-6) (The Stanley Festschrift volume)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

On a Partition Function of Richard Stanley PDF
George E. Andrews R1
Random Matrices, Magic Squares and Matching Polynomials PDF
Persi Diaconis, Alex Gamburd R2
Geometrically Constructed Bases for Homology of Partition Lattices of Types $A$, $B$ and $D$ PDF
Anders Björner, Michelle L. Wachs R3
Orthogonal Polynomials Represented by $CW$-Spheres PDF
Gábor Hetyei R4
Weights of Partitions and Character Zeros PDF
Christine Bessenrodt, Jørn B. Olsson R5
$h^*$-Vectors, Eulerian Polynomials and Stable Polytopes of Graphs PDF
Christos A. Athanasiadis R6
The Local Theorem for Monotypic Tilings PDF
Nikolai Dolbilin, Egon Schulte R7
On Plethysm Conjectures of Stanley and Foulkes: The $2 \times n$ Case PDF
Pavlo Pylyavskyy R8
Sign-Graded Posets, Unimodality of $W$-Polynomials and the Charney-Davis Conjecture PDF
Petter Brändén R9
The Redheffer Matrix of a Partially Ordered Set PDF
Herbert S. Wilf R10
Periodicity in Quasipolynomial Convolution PDF COMMENT
Thomas Zaslavsky R11
Regenerative Partition Structures PDF
Alexander Gnedin, Jim Pitman R12
The Order Dimension of Bruhat Order on Infinite Coxeter Groups PDF
Nathan Reading, Debra J. Waugh R13
Tight Quotients and Double Quotients in the Bruhat Order PDF
John R. Stembridge R14
Canonical Characters on Quasi-Symmetric Functions and Bivariate Catalan Numbers PDF
Marcelo Aguiar, Samuel K. Hsiao R15
On the Number of Fully Packed Loop Configurations with a Fixed Associated Matching PDF
F. Caselli, C. Krattenthaler, B. Lass, P. Nadeau R16
Tiling Parity Results and the Holey Square Solution PDF
Bridget Eileen Tenner R17
Monomial Nonnegativity and the Bruhat Order PDF
Brian Drake, Sean Gerrish, Mark Skandera R18
A $q$-Analogue of Faulhaber's Formula for Sums of Powers PDF
Victor J. W. Guo, Jiang Zeng R19
Some New Methods in the Theory of $m$-Quasi-Invariants PDF
J. Bell, A. M. Garsia, N. Wallach R20
$P$-Partitions and a Multi-Parameter Klyachko Idempotent PDF
Peter McNamara, Christophe Reutenauer R21
Signed Words and Permutations II; The Euler-Mahonian Polynomials PDF
Dominique Foata, Guo-Niu Han R22
Stable Equivalence over Symmetric Functions PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Arthur L. B. Yang R23
RSK Insertion for Set Partitions and Diagram Algebras PDF
Tom Halverson, Tim Lewandowski R24
Face Numbers and Nongeneric Initial Ideals PDF
Eric Babson, Isabella Novik R25
A Relative Laplacian Spectral Recursion PDF
Art M. Duval R26
A Refinement of Cayley's Formula for Trees PDF
Ira M. Gessel, Seunghyun Seo R27
Words Avoiding a Reflexive Acyclic Relation PDF
John Dollhopf, Ian Goulden, Curtis Greene R28
Asymptotics for the Distributions of Subtableaux in Young and Up-Down Tableaux PDF
David J. Grabiner R29
The Active Bijection between Regions and Simplices in Supersolvable Arrangements of Hyperplanes PDF
Emeric Gioan, Michel Las Vergnas R30


Reciprocal Domains and Cohen–Macaulay $d$-Complexes in ${\Bbb R}^d$ PDF
Ezra Miller, Victor Reiner N1
A Combinatorial Proof of the Log-Concavity of a Famous Sequence Counting Permutations PDF
Miklós Bóna N2
A Combinatorial Proof of Postnikov's Identity and a Generalized Enumeration of Labeled Trees PDF
Seunghyun Seo N3
The $h$-Vector of a Gorenstein Toric Ring of a Compressed Polytope PDF
Hidefumi Ohsugi, Takayuki Hibi N4
Reconstruction of Partitions PDF
Oliver Pretzel, Johannes Siemons N5


Matroid Inequalities from Electrical Network Theory PDF
David G. Wagner A1
On the Non-Holonomic Character of Logarithms, Powers, and the $n$th Prime Function PDF
Philippe Flajolet, Stefan Gerhold, Bruno Salvy A2
Chess Tableaux PDF
Timothy Y. Chow, Henrik Eriksson, C. Kenneth Fan A3
New Directions in Enumerative Chess Problems PDF
Noam D. Elkies A4
Schur Functions and Alternating Sums PDF
Marc A. A. van Leeuwen A5

ISSN: 1077-8926