An Inverse Matrix Formula in the Right-Quantum Algebra

  • Matjaž Konvalinka


The right-quantum algebra was introduced recently by Garoufalidis, Lê and Zeilberger in their quantum generalization of the MacMahon master theorem. A bijective proof of this identity due to Konvalinka and Pak, and also the recent proof of the right-quantum Sylvester's determinant identity, make heavy use of a bijection related to the first fundamental transformation on words introduced by Foata. This paper makes explicit the connection between this transformation and right-quantum linear algebra identities; we give a new, bijective proof of the right-quantum matrix inverse theorem, we show that similar techniques prove the right-quantum Jacobi ratio theorem, and we use the matrix inverse formula to find a generalization of the (right-quantum) MacMahon master theorem.

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