On Growth Rates of Permutations, Set Partitions, Ordered Graphs and Other Objects

  • Martin Klazar


For classes ${\cal O}$ of structures on finite linear orders (permutations, ordered graphs etc.) endowed with containment order $\preceq$ (containment of permutations, subgraph relation etc.), we investigate restrictions on the function $f(n)$ counting objects with size $n$ in a lower ideal in $({\cal O},\preceq)$. We present a framework of edge $P$-colored complete graphs $({\cal C}(P),\preceq)$ which includes many of these situations, and we prove for it two such restrictions (jumps in growth): $f(n)$ is eventually constant or $f(n)\ge n$ for all $n\ge 1$; $f(n)\le n^c$ for all $n\ge 1$ for a constant $c>0$ or $f(n)\ge F_n$ for all $n\ge 1$, $F_n$ being the Fibonacci numbers. This generalizes a fragment of a more detailed theorem of Balogh, Bollobás and Morris on hereditary properties of ordered graphs.

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