A Note on Edge-Colourings Avoiding Rainbow $K_4$ and Monochromatic $K_m$

  • Veselin Jungić
  • Tomáš Kaiser
  • Daniel Král'


We study the mixed Ramsey number $maxR(n,{K_m},{K_r})$, defined as the maximum number of colours in an edge-colouring of the complete graph $K_n$, such that $K_n$ has no monochromatic complete subgraph on $m$ vertices and no rainbow complete subgraph on $r$ vertices. Improving an upper bound of Axenovich and Iverson, we show that $maxR(n,{K_m},{K_4}) \leq n^{3/2}\sqrt{2m}$ for all $m\geq 3$. Further, we discuss a possible way to improve their lower bound on $maxR(n,{K_4},{K_4})$ based on incidence graphs of finite projective planes.

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