Tiling Tripartite Graphs with $3$-Colorable Graphs

  • Ryan Martin
  • Yi Zhao


For any positive real number $\gamma$ and any positive integer $h$, there is $N_0$ such that the following holds. Let $N\ge N_0$ be such that $N$ is divisible by $h$. If $G$ is a tripartite graph with $N$ vertices in each vertex class such that every vertex is adjacent to at least $(2/3+ \gamma) N$ vertices in each of the other classes, then $G$ can be tiled perfectly by copies of $K_{h,h,h}$. This extends the work in [Discrete Math. 254 (2002), 289–308] and also gives a sufficient condition for tiling by any fixed 3-colorable graph. Furthermore, we show that the minimum-degree $(2/3+ \gamma) N$ in our result cannot be replaced by $2N/3+ h-2$.

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