On the Monochromatic Schur Triples Type Problem

  • Thotsaporn "Aek" Thanatipanonda


We discuss a problem posed by Ronald Graham about the minimum number, over all 2-colorings of $[1,n]$, of monochromatic $\{x,y$, $x+ay\}$ triples for $a \geq 1$. We give a new proof of the original case of $a=1$. We show that the minimum number of such triples is at most ${n^2\over2a(a^2+2a+3)} + O(n)$ when $a \geq 2$. We also find a new upper bound for the minimum number, over all $r$-colorings of $[1,n]$, of monochromatic Schur triples, for $r \geq 3$.

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