Commuting Involution Graphs for $3$-Dimensional Unitary Groups

  • Alistaire Everett


For a group $G$ and $X$ a subset of $G$ the commuting graph of $G$ on $X$, denoted by $\cal{C}(G,X)$, is the graph whose vertex set is $X$ with $x,y\in X$ joined by an edge if $x\neq y$ and $x$ and $y$ commute. If the elements in $X$ are involutions, then $\cal{C}(G,X)$ is called a commuting involution graph. This paper studies $\cal{C}(G,X)$ when $G$ is a 3-dimensional projective special unitary group and $X$ a $G$-conjugacy class of involutions, determining the diameters and structure of the discs of these graphs.

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