On the Number of Subsequences with a Given Sum in a Finite Abelian Group

  • Gerard Jennhwa Chang
  • Sheng-Hua Chen
  • Yongke Qu
  • Guoqing Wang
  • Haiyan Zhang


Suppose $G$ is a finite abelian group and $S$ is a sequence of elements in $G$. For any element $g$ of $G$, let $N_g(S)$ denote the number of subsequences of $S$ with sum $g$. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the lower bound for $N_g(S)$. In particular, we prove that either $N_g(S)=0$ or $N_g(S)\ge2^{|S|-D(G)+1}$, where $D(G)$ is the smallest positive integer $\ell$ such that every sequence over $G$ of length at least $\ell$ has a nonempty zero-sum subsequence. We also characterize the structures of the extremal sequences for which the equality holds for some groups.

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