$q,t$-Catalan Numbers and Generators for the Radical Ideal defining the Diagonal Locus of $({\mathbb C}^2)^n$

  • Kyungyong Lee
  • Li Li


Let $I$ be the ideal generated by alternating polynomials in two sets of $n$ variables. Haiman proved that the $q,t$-Catalan number is the Hilbert series of the bi-graded vector space $M(=\bigoplus_{d_1,d_2}M_{d_1,d_2})$ spanned by a minimal set of generators for $I$. In this paper we give simple upper bounds on $\text{dim }M_{d_1, d_2}$ in terms of number of partitions, and find all bi-degrees $(d_1,d_2)$ such that $\dim M_{d_1, d_2}$ achieve the upper bounds. For such bi-degrees, we also find explicit bases for $M_{d_1, d_2}$.

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