Generating Functions Attached to some Infinite Matrices

  • Paul Monsky


Let $V$ be an infinite matrix with rows and columns indexed by the positive integers, and entries in a field $F$. Suppose that $v_{i,j}$ only depends on $i-j$ and is 0 for $|i-j|$ large. Then $V^{n}$ is defined for all $n$, and one has a "generating function" $G=\sum a_{1,1}(V^{n})z^{n}$. Ira Gessel has shown that $G$ is algebraic over $F(z)$. We extend his result, allowing $v_{i,j}$ for fixed $i-j$ to be eventually periodic in $i$ rather than constant. This result and some variants of it that we prove will have applications to Hilbert-Kunz theory.

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