Integral Cayley Graphs Defined by Greatest Common Divisors

  • Walter Klotz
  • Torsten Sander


An undirected graph is called integral, if all of its eigenvalues are integers. Let $\Gamma =Z_{m_1}\otimes \ldots \otimes Z_{m_r}$ be an abelian group represented as the direct product of cyclic groups $Z_{m_i}$ of order $m_i$ such that all greatest common divisors $\gcd(m_i,m_j)\leq 2$ for $i\neq j$. We prove that a Cayley graph $Cay(\Gamma,S)$ over $\Gamma$ is integral, if and only if $S\subseteq \Gamma$ belongs to the the Boolean algebra $B(\Gamma)$ generated by the subgroups of $\Gamma$. It is also shown that every $S\in B(\Gamma)$ can be characterized by greatest common divisors.

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